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When people hear the word “conveyor” they usually think of overhead conveyors. One of the most common types of conveyors, overhead conveyors are commonly used in production facilities to move parts from one location to another. They take advantage of the normally unused vertical space above the work area. Using curved sections or even lifts, they lower the part to the operator’s level and back to a higher height. Overhead conveyors can pass through production areas where humans cannot pass ovens and robotic work cells.

The Benefits Of Overhead Conveyor Chains

An overhead conveyor chain is a continuous track suspended on an overhead support that can carry a variety of items. These chains can be customized to carry a variety of materials and free up floor space. Overhead conveyors are a cost-effective way of transporting and sorting goods in factories.

Some overhead conveyor chains are driven by electric motors. The use of these motors reduces friction between chain components, reducing wear. Some overhead conveyor chains also include chain lubricators that distribute precisely measured amounts of lubricant onto the chain. This makes the chain more efficient when moving products and reduces the risk of chain failure.

An overhead conveyor chain can carry hundreds of pounds of material and can carry awkwardly shaped loads. Another benefit of the overhead conveyor is its low profile and closing track, which makes it quick and easy to install. The closed track also allows for easy changes.



Chain conveyors are powered by continuous chains and are mainly used to transport heavy loads. Our chain conveyor systems are typically twin-strand configurations with the load on the chain, but multi-strand configurations are also available.

Because chain conveyors are usually easy to install, they generally require minimal maintenance and are easy to integrate with CDLRs and transfer systems. Sometimes they are called pallet conveyors because they are widely used to transport wooden or steel pallets. Additionally, the multi-chain option allows flexibility in applications and environments.



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