Overhead Conveyor Chain

6″ Overhead Conveyor Chain | Trolly Overhead Conveyor Chain

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Overhead conveyor chains are a rapidly growing product type, also commonly referred to as trolley chains or powered overhead conveyor chains. This powered type of overhead conveyor chain is designed with vertically oriented wheels and lateral rollers that allow it to be mounted on a conveyor track connected to a power unit that perpetuates the motion of the chain and attaches There are contents for delivery. Due to the application environment, a high-performance focused 6″ overhead conveyor chain must be used. The chains we offer consist of high-quality machined wheels with precision cage bearings designed and manufactured for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and overall working life. The 6″ size trolley overhead conveyor chain has alternating vertical wheels and a transverse roller unit centered on the 6″. It is also one of the most commonly used sizes/configurations in the overhead conveyor industry.

6″ Overhead Conveyor Chain Specifications


Pitch: 6″
Dimension (D): 2.19″
Dimension (E): 3.00″
Dimension (F): 2.97″
Dimension (T): 12″

How Overhead Conveyor Chain Work?

>Overhead conveyors free up valuable floor space by moving the conveyor system up above the work area. A continuous track is suspended from the overhead support on which the pendant is placed to accommodate the product to be conveyed. Pendants are designed to hold a wide variety of items, from light items like clothing on hangers to heavy parts for assembly. Specific application and capacity requirements will determine the best type of overhead conveyor for your project.

Overhead Conveyor Chain Features & Benefits

  • Free up valuable floor space by utilizing vertical space for conveyance
  • Reduce travel time by transporting goods directly to operators
  • Improve ergonomics and reduce lifting or bending by suspending parts from overhead conveyor for assembly processes
  • Versatile solutions to support a variety of applications and processes

Types of Conveyor Chains

  • Conveyor chains have articulations consisting of pins and bushes joined by plates, just like all other chains. Their primary advantage is that they may accept a variety of attachment methods depending on the conveyor system being used and the type of load being transported. Their pitch, which tends to be large, is not a distinctive quality and can be selected from a wide range of values.